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The Best Ways To Make The Most Of Your WFH Space, According To VP Employees

by Sarah Schuh - October 11, 2020

We're nearly 9 months into quarantine, and it's safe to say our working environments look a little bit differently. While many of us relied on an office for our day-to-day productivity, we've adjusted to setting up temporary offices (corner or work tables!) as we WFH.

As with anything, redundancy in routine is bound to creep in, so we tapped Vital Proteins® employees across the country on what they're doing to keep a fresh and innovative work space. From products to pets (yes, really!) here are the things they're leaning into to get them through the day with ease. 

The Best Ways To Make The Most Of Your WFH Space

WFH Spaces

Becky Burbidge; National Account Manager

"I always have music playing, and my collection of houseplants really add to the atmosphere and pop against the solid black walls."

Erin Schmitz; Senior Graphic Designer, Innovation

"I light candles or my use Vitruvi diffuser to enhance my mood. During the work day I supplement with Energy Collagen Shots™ and Morning Get Up & Glow™ capsules. Listening to upbeat music or deep house focus helps stay on track and keep my energy levels high. I like to find small ways to embed self-care like preparing a fresh well balanced meal for lunch. I also try to take short breaks in-between Zoom calls to clear my mind and reset."

WFH Spaces

Steven Benoit; National Account Director

"I have to have an organized desk with my "office" door shut to stay productive. Otherwise, I have the dog running in and out and my partner popping in asking for me to make snacks every few minutes."

Hannah Kardux; Executive Assistant to the CEO

"When the Vital offices closed, the first thing I got setup in my home office was a desk phone. This makes taking calls from home and communicating with the team much easier - it eliminates any difficulties with dropped calls or poor connection."

WFH Space

Dan Caron; Manager of Performance Relations

"I don't work a typical 9-5 schedule. What I mean by that is if I'm up early (which I usually am) I like to take care of as many emails as possible before the rest of the organization starts their day. It helps me get a jump on things before the messages and meetings start pouring in. I also walk away if I catch myself scrolling on Instagram or if I'm just not engaged. I created a small home gym which helps break the day up or allows me to stay at my desk a little later than usual and not stress about getting to the gym and if I'll get home late."

Brian Miller; Director of Sales Operations

"Having a comfortable foundation has been critical; great chair, comfortable desk height and lots of natural light."

Victoria Frederick WFH Space

Victoria Frederick; Territory Manager, Los Angeles | SoPac

"I have made sure to get a standing desk so I'm standing for most of the day. It really helps me get the creative juices flowing throughout the day!"

Sophia Sesto; Social Media & Influencer Manager

"It's truly the little things for me - letting all the natural light and fresh air in, setting up a dreamy collagen coffee station, keeping everything tidy + organized + most recently, finally pulling the plug on a laptop stand. My neck has never been happier!"

Jenni Hilker WFH

Jenni Hilker; Regional Sales Manager - Rocky Mountains

"The biggest thing I've done is built a strong morning routine of getting my workout in first, so I'm awake when it's time to sit down for work. The other two things that have really helped me, is I never turn on the TV during work hours and I moved my desk out of my bedroom. By doing these two things, I am able to stay productive during the day with zero mindless distractions and I'm able to close the day and go to bed without thinking about work deadlines/emails/projects."

Katie Clizbe; Vice President, Innovation Sales 

"Routine and consistency, coupled with frequent mental and physical breaks, has been essential. Creating a distinct separate space carved out from the rest of our home has been paramount to ensure there is a clear delineation between work and non-work hours in the “work at home” vs “live at home” ever-blurring lines. I took over a guest room and created a bright workspace with a desk that allowed me to have a much more functional environment where I was happier to dive into my workday, the outcome being a tremendously more productive and inspiring workspace. Outside of that, frequent check-ins with my remarkable team and our valuable partners inspire innovation and daily motivation. Like most I presume, I am behind a screen on video-calls much of the day, so I’ve intentionally shifted some of my re-occurring weekly meetings to active walking calls. Quite literal “talk & walks” – it ensures my team and I are not in front of any screens and instead actively moving around our respective neighborhoods while we collectively strategize on the business’s action items."

Bill Miller WFH Space

Bill Miller; Sales Manager - Military and Fitness

"My fiancé has set candles and a salt lamp on my desk to help manage stress. I often wear my headphones and listen to music as I work. I also wear blue light glasses to help with eye strain."

Tracy Neal Butzlaff; National Account Manager - Walmart, Sam's Club, CVS, Walgreens

"Staying consistent with my morning routine has been critical! Keeping healthy snacks easily accessible is definitely a staple."

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