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Whether you're looking to add extra reps to your routine or another mile to your run... Vital Proteins helps you rebuild, recover and perform to the best of your body's natural ability.

Muscle and Ligament Repair

We replace what modern food processing has removed from our diets by restoring and promoting collagen production - essential to muscle and ligament repair. After an intense workout, this helps you push harder, farther, and longer...getting you back on your feet faster, and helping you dig deeper.

Strenuous Exercise

Strenuous and continuous exertion causes a slow degradation of connecting tissue, especially in muscles, joints, cartilage and ligaments. Activity like this leads to long term collagen depletion in the body, and many sport injuries are slow and progressive developments. Symptoms, such as discomfort, only appear in advanced stages. Consuming collagen can improve joint health and reduce such discomfort associated with strenuous athletics. Vital Proteins may help reduce discomfort due to injury and help expedite recovery.

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